Convensa, Contratas y Ventas was created in 1971 as a construction company located in Asturias and with the aim of dedicating itself to a wide range of works, lending special strength in railway works.

It was in 1991 when it became part of the FCC Group, becoming the company specialized in railway works of this company.

From that date, the geographical area of work was extended to the entire national territory, becoming involved in the execution of projects of international scope.

In this period of time, Convensa has carried out works on High Speed Lines, Conventional lines, Vía Estrecha lines and Metropolitan lines, both for public clients and for private clients.

These works have ranged from the execution of infrastructure works, through the realization of the superstructures, both new track assembly and existing road renewal, either in ballast or plate, building stations and transport terminals on the surface or underground and developing the maintenance of existing or newly opened lines.

Convensa has the necessary company classifications, the necessary machinery and all the technical personnel and operators sufficient to execute any railway work with its own human and technical resources.

The experience acquired in the last 50 years as well as the prestige achieved with its clients, position Convensa as the leading company in the national and international railway field.

Convensa in figures:

  • Track platform
    Plataforma de vía (Seleccionado)

    Track platform

    More than 850 Km of High Speed and 200 Km of Conventional.

  • Viaducts
    Viaductos (Seleccionado)


    More than 29 km of high speed viaducts and more than 2 km of viaducts in conventional lines, highlighting among others the Viaduct over the Almonte River (Cáceres) of 996 m in length with a central span of 384 m saved by a concrete arch world record in this typology for railway viaducts.

  • Tunnels
    Túneles (Seleccionado)


    In High Speed, more than 143 km of tunnel have been excavated (counting the twin tubes as doubles), of which 25 km have been executed by classical methods and the rest with a tunnel boring machine, while in conventional lines, almost 9 km of them have been excavated. That 2 km have been executed with a tunnel boring machine and the other 7 km by traditional methods.

  • Stations
    Estaciones (Seleccionado)


    The main high-speed and suburban stations.

  • Track assembly
    Montaje de vía (Seleccionado)

    Track assembly

    More than 1,100 km of track (between double track and single track) in High Speed, almost 600 km of single track in Conventional and more than 100 km of single track in Narrow Gauge.

  • Maintenance
    Mantenimiento (Seleccionado)


    Historically more than 13,000 km of lines of various types. Currently more than 1,900 in high speed and 8,800 in conventional.

  • Metro lines
    Líneas de Metro (Seleccionado)

    Metro lines

    Approximately 60 km of infrastructure and more than 200 km of mounted track, most of it via plaque. At present, Convensa maintains 35% of the Metro de Madrid network.