Creating value

Convensa, Contratas y Ventas, is a company that creates value through its activity, taking care of the people that surround it, the environment and the community in which it operates, understanding that sustainability is part of the company's strategy.

The sustainable company contributes to the development, prosperity, stability and health of the social environment in which it operates, creating direct and indirect jobs, boosting the economy and creating value for shareholders.

The company's general management system, Management and Sustainability System, is capable of ensuring compliance with the commitments made, since it deals in an integrated manner with all the processes carried out in the company.

The actions of Convensa, Contratas and Ventas are aimed at permanent improvement. To this end, the necessary quality control measures are established to ensure the satisfaction of customers and society as a whole. Convensa is certified according to the UNE-EN ISO 9.001:2015 standard.

The staff of Convensa constitutes an important heritage that differentiates this company from the rest of the companies in the sector. The company has a team of experts with extensive experience in all fields of design, construction and rail maintenance, and also provides support engineering where required.

Convensa incorporates the latest technology in equipment and construction processes, which positions the company, in many cases, as the best option for the client. The investigation of what has value for the client is the search for competitive opportunities, trying to harmonize what the company values and what the client appreciates, adapting their expectations to the concept of total value.

Convensa cooperates in the communities where it operates and works on different projects aimed at the most disadvantaged people. It supports childhood and youth, culture, sports and solidarity economy.

The observance of human and labor rights, respect for the environment and ethics are part of the corporate principles and of the people linked to Convensa.

Convensa fulfills its commitments and acts in a fair, honest and transparent manner.