FCC Construcción and Convensa begin the concreting works in the Pajares tunnels


FCC Construcción and Convensa begin the concreting works in the Pajares tunnels

FCC Construcción and Convensa have started the concreting work on the east tunnel of the Pajares tunnels (Asturias). With the beginning of these works, the last and most complex phase of the concreting works of the slab track is carried out. Given the novelty of the type of mixed sleepers for triple wire on concrete (with twice the volume and weight than the usual ones) and the complexity of the logistics within the tunnel, the team that executes and manages the work has been designed during the last few years. months the procedures, work methods and facilities necessary for the correct execution with the highest quality and safety standards, as well as to obtain the maximum possible performance.

This new sleeper design, together with the execution within a 24-kilometer tunnel, makes it the first time in Spain that such a work has been carried out.

In order to achieve the necessary results, which after one month of execution are as expected, the project team has designed and patented a concreting platform and mobile elevated crossing ramps that improve speed in circulation and execution. In addition, a specific positioning and anchoring system for the sleeper itself has been designed to avoid millimetric variations during the concreting phase, which would lead to increased execution times and costs.

With this action, FCC Construcción and its railway subsidiary Contratas y Ventas (CONVENSA) are positioned at the forefront of the national and international railway sector.