Convensa participates in “Autodesk Rail Summit 2019”


Convensa participates in “Autodesk Rail Summit 2019”

Convensa participates in “Autodesk Rail Summit 2019”

Convensa railway company of the FCC group has participated in the Rail Summit 2019 held by Autodesk in Frankfurt (Germany). The event presented some of the technological solutions that will govern the railway sector in the coming years, based on the BIM methodology and better control in the development of projects in all its phases.

Some of the main railway service operators, such as Deutsche Bahn, Network rail or Italferr, participated in the various conferences. They showed their vision of the current situation in railway infrastructure management and what are the main challenges they face: growing demand and strong investments. In addition, it was analyzed how new technologies can help reduce waiting times by performing better information management and predictive maintenance of assets.

These management tools are being implemented during the design phase of the projects, so that at the same time combining all the necessary restrictions and regulations of the different specialties, to obtain more and more detailed projects.

Some of the highlights presented during these days have been:

• Visual programming.

• Interoperability between different softwares.

• Automatic detection of railway elements from point clouds.

 • Integration of BIM with information from GIS.

• Development of digital twins for maintenance phase.

• Use of virtual reality and augmented reality in the design of projects and during the maintenance phase.

• Management and storage of information in the cloud.

• Work optimization with the development of computer applications.

• Generation of parametric families for the 3D representation of railway signals.