Convensa finaliza la renovación y mejora de la infraestructura de la Linea 12 de Metro de Madrid


Convensa completes the renovation and improvement of the infrastructure of Line 12 of the Madrid Metro

Convensa has completed the renovation and improvement of the infrastructure of Line 12 of the Madrid Metro, between the Móstoles and Conservatorio hospital stations.

Metro de Madrid put into service last week the section affected by the works carried out by Convensa. The works have consisted of the renovation of the superstructure of the 12-kilometer section, including the total renovation of 50,000 plates. Likewise, the infrastructure has been consolidated with injections made in the platform, as well as the improvement of its drainage with the execution of the necessary pipelines.

The budget for these actions has amounted to € 10.2 M and the overall term of the works has been 4.5 months, with 10 weeks of total cut-off of rail traffic that finally and thanks to the speed in the execution of the work have been reduced in a week, thus being able to reopen the line before the beginning of the school activity.

This is the second performance of this type at Metrosur carried out by Convensa in the last two years and with it the parameters of speed, comfort and safety are improved in the 40 km that comprise line 12, popularly known as Metrosur.

Convensa executes the maintenance of more than 100 kilometers of the Madrid metropolitan network and with the execution of these renovation works and those corresponding to the modernization of stations on L4 completed in the first quarter of 2,021, FCC Construcción and Convensa are consolidated as companies Spanish benchmarks in maintenance and execution of metropolitan lines.